If someone were to ask me why I do what I do, I would say that I love to be a part of celebrations. I get joy from the joy of others, and being allowed to photograph life events is the icing on the cake. I look for the expressions that radiate joy, for the little actions as well as the big ones that put the family's stamp on the celebration. I enjoy being involved with an event for the entire day, recording the many facets of the day that the busy celebrants don't always get to see. I have attended many traditional as well as non-traditional events, such as having dogs as ringbearers as well as various ethnic events. Because I do not try to control the event, but rather observe and record it, I arrive as the photographer, and leave as a friend.


Every Bride is a vision in loveliness; every wedding a singular celebration. The Wedding Day is all about the Bride and the Groom: their hopes, their dreams, their present, their future. Larry captures the solemnity of the ceremony, of the father walking his daughter down the aisle, of the Groom seeing the Bride for the first time. And then he captures the joy of the celebration that follows, from the first dance to throwing the bouquet.

Larry also has experience with second weddings, 50th (and other) anniversaries, and other major life cycle celebrations.

One of Larry's most treasured compliments often comes when the family first views the images of their day: “I don't remember seeing THAT – how did you see it?”


This is a special day in a child's life. It is his or her acceptance of the mantle of adulthood in the Jewish tradition. Larry captures the solemnity of the day, the responsibility of leading a congregation in prayer, and then he catches all the fun at the celebration that follows. Larry can capture both the joy of prayer and the joy of celebration, the elevation of reading the Torah as well as the “elevation” that often occurs during the Hora. Every aspect of this special day gets recorded. Larry's favorite comment while reviewing proofs of the event with the family is, “I don't remember THAT!” If it's there to be recorded, Larry is there.


Just as there are days and events that are important to an individual or a family, there are days and events that are important to companies and their clients. Larry has photographed many diverse events, from corporate grand openings and offices, to buildings and signage, from Christmas parties to Retirement parties. When an event is important enough to celebrate, it is important enough to record professionally.


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